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We now have a female tech who can assist NDIS and other customers with computer help & tuition. Bookings required.

We now have a female tech who can assist NDIS type customers with computer help & tuition.Bookings required.

I really wanted 2 side by side Tabs in my Chrome Browser. Today I went looking how to do this.

Well…I discovered Vivaldi Browser which can do what I want.


It’s built on Chromium, Norwegian made & works a treat.

I really like it & it does what I want.

I followed the trick from here


Hapy browsing everyone

Explore the power of USB-C

How to stay cyber-safe while you’re travelling

I recommend using iCloud storage for your phone…makes moving to a new phone nice & easy.

Make sure your Internet Modem doesn’t have the default password it was made with. A default password is a security risk.

You should change it.

We can do this for you if you need help.

Talk to us. Beat the rush.

How Do I Change the Email Address of My Microsoft Account?

I was wrong. You can.

We will professionally clean the dust from your pc or laptop.

Unless you know what you are doing you can do lots of damage doing it yourself.

How Can Passkeys Possibly Be Safe?