How Does Facebook Track Me Even If I Don’t Have an Account?

Interesting lead article this morning from one of my Nerd newsletters on how you are tracked even if you don’t log onto Facebook/Google.

Have a read…it’s quite long & Leo tries to explain it but how it all works is quite complicated….but worth the read.

Bottom line is….no matter what you do…no matter how you try & hide your browsing….Facebook, Google & all the others still track you.

There are some tips on how to make it hard for them but they have more money than you do and they will track you.

My take…take some privacy steps….tweak the privacy settings in FB, Google & others to not record, maybe use a VPN at home….use incognito mode where possible when browsing….AND also be careful what you click on.

Also do your Windows or Mac updates on your home computing…even do a full virus/malware scan now & then.