John – Come2U Computer Services

Born in beautiful Cairns, Tropical Far North Queensland back in the late fifties. I attended a number of primary schools in Cairns – Edge Hill, West Cairns, Parramatta and Balaclava. I attended Trinity Bay State High School for all of my secondary school years. I have had a few jobs in life’s journey so far. I have had the pleasure of working for:
  • David Jones
  • The Public Trust Office, Department of Aboriginal & Islanders Advancement
  • Grove Fruit Juice
  • Malanda Dairy Foods
My employment has taken me to a few different locations throughout the years – Normanton, PalmIsland, Doomadgee, Townsville and Brisbane to name a few.

I have been fiddling with computers since about 1985 and love them. If I am not working then I am either “relaxing” doing something on my computer or doing a little light reading “computer magazines of course”.

I am very lucky as I am now the Technology Support Officer for Queensland Sugar, which runs all the Bulk Sugar Terminals throughout Queensland and I get to “play computers” all week long.

I love computers so much that I decided to make a little sideline business of it selling and fixing them. Of course the earnings from my little business only enables me to buy more bits & pieces for myself and to always have the latest & greatest.

I convince myself that I need to do this so that I know what I’m talking about when I sell them to my customers. One day I’ll grow up but in the meantime it’s nice.
The best advertising is word of mouth – I let my happy customers do the advertising for me.